September Birth Flower

Aster is the September birth flower. In ancient times, it was believed that burning aster leaves would drive away evil snakes. Asters have a flower meaning of patience and dantiness. Aster is Latin for star which is referring to the flower's star shape. Aster is closely related to the Chrysanthemum. The aster is considered the other classic autumn flower besides the chyrsanthemum.

There are actually 250 species of aster. The China aster is the common aster and the one used by florists and flower gardens. This flower is frost resistant. Wild aster contains a lot of calcium. The Douglas aster has purple flowers. The alpine aster grows in mountain regions and is great for rock gardens. The Blue Wood Aster is is found in the southeastern U.S. mountains. The mountain aster is found in the western U.S. mountains. The swamp aster grows in wetlands. Smooth aster is named for its smooth, waxy leaves. Sea aster can grow up to 40 inches.