February Birth Flower

The February birth flower is the iris. The warm, deep color of the iris is a harbringer of the luxuries of spring, as we know February has long been a month known for romance and love. The iris comes a few colors including cool blue and snowy white, remembrances of winter. The iris flower meaning are faith, wisdom, and hope. The iris is a beautiful and meaningful gift. An alternate February birth flower is the violet.

There are hundreds of species of the February birth flower, the iris. The iris is a perennial herb. An iris can be grown from a creeping rhizomes or a bulb. The bulb is usually used in drier climates. The iris has been valued since ancient times. There is a flower on the sphinx in Egypt believed to be an iris. Another iris appears on a bas-relief from the 28th Egyptian Dynasty. In ancient times iris roots were used in perfume and medicine. The fleur-de-lis is a stylized iris, which was used much in heraldry. The February birth flower, iris, is Greek for "rainbow".